Why do you need a website?

Good question.  Your business may be small and you may not want to sell anything online, plus you have little or no money for marketing. Consider these points and see if any of them resonate:

An online presence is important for customer service.

  • Regardless of age, most people today do not use a phone book. It is their custom and habit to search the internet for phone numbers and addresses.  
  • Customers expect you to have a website and they count on it being a current and comprehensive overview of what you offer for services.   Many are suspect if you are not on the web.
  • It is a respectful way of keeping clients informed about promotions, upcoming events, new products, tips and highlights; they can access this information when and how they choose.

An online presence is a key tool in a company’s business plan and marketing strategy.

  • It allows customers, prospective clients, and potential employees / business partners to quickly and easily find out about your business and services.
  • It is a place to showcase your business – years of service, types of services and products, testimonials from current clients, images that portray your professionalism, messages that demonstrate how you compare to your competitors.
  • At $100/year, this is a cost-effective, low maintenance way of advertising your business – certainly less expensive than printing and mailing brochures, putting up a bulletin board, or publishing weekly ads in local papers.
  • FaceBook is great too, but as a way of connecting socially, broadcasting ‘what is new’ and linking folks back to your website for the big picture.

About Mary Knight

Marketing coach and strategist, helping small businesses and non-profits to be customer centric. Communication specialist, focused on attention to detail and the achievement of communication results intended. Over 25 years in the field of marketing communications, spanning business and technical writing for varied audiences; design and production of brochures, stuffers, flyers, and newsletters; design and development of training and seminar materials; polishing of presentations; content development and effective layout for Internet sites; general copyediting and proofreading.
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